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Superbly rewarding leisure time... A romantic alfresco dining at “Nautilus”, unveiling beauty secrets at “Mirax O’Spa”, tracing remote galaxies through our electronic telescope, active pursuits like paragliding or diving to explore ancient ships drowned hundreds of years ago, or walking over the only-one-in-the-world private aquarium created in the wild environment – weather your dream vacation is action packed or relaxed, the “Mirax Resort” includes temptations for any interest, any season.


Savour the unique flavors of Khmer exquisite delights inspired by region’s abundant seafood selection at an open air “Nautilus” Restaurant. Lavishly appointed, “Mirax Club”, features our chef’s contemporary cuisine with modern influences. Experience a memorable dining affaire in luxury setting with our perfect blend of seaside serenity and tropical ambiance. Also our Chef would be thrilled to compile a menu per your request. You order, we prepare.

Nautilus grill

Overlooking turquoise waters of Siam gulf, the Resort’s “Nautilus” restaurant showcases sensational Asian dishes with Khmer influences offering the sumptuous assortment of freshly caught seafood. The restaurant features an open grill kitchen, where guests can watch as the chefs prepare exotic regional cuisine and grill sea foods to perfection. For lunch and dinner savour the delightful cooking complemented by exceptional comfort, tranquility and stunning surroundings. Seats 35 outdoors.

Mirax Club restaurant

Unmatched elegance, opulent interiors and far-reaching ocean views make the Resort’s “Mirax Club” a perfect spot to experience our Chef’s exquisite European delights. The food is accompanied by a wine list to suit the tropics emphasizing on fantastic local wines and finest champagnes. Complete your incredible tropical venue with a spicy Cuban cigar browsing a book from carefully selected “Club’s” library and marveling over stunning views. Serves lunch and dinner with seating for 20 indoors.


Immerse yourself into the world of exotic scents where tensions dissolve under the signature treatments of body and soul all in an ambiance of “Mirax Spa’s” simple sophistication. Secluded open-air area, blended into fragrant tropical gardens, stands as an integral part of ultimate relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation. Calming ocean views, blissful sunsets and healing power of nature provide an incomparable experience and soothing sense of solitude. Graciously appointed with native designs, our spa features Khmer unique secrets and techniques coupled with indigenous ingredients to help you focus your senses and balance your well-being.


Seen from outside as beautiful waterfalls the Resort’s two cascade infinity pools nestled on the western shore of the island provide a view of blissful natural beauty. Piercing the aquatonic pool waters, tanning yourself at a sundeck or rinsing your body in the outdoor shower carved out in the natural landscape complete in every comfort and luxury for you to unwind in style. Cool towels, freshly sliced tropical fruits are always at your disposition.

Water sports

Explore the undersea diversity of Siam Bay where ancient sunken ship, picturesque coral realms and blissful tropical environment are to deliver the sensational feelings. Fishing, paragliding, snorkeling, diving for both rookie and professional, including guided night dives and other activities create a stunning selection to adrenaline your unique experience. Sail in crystalline tropical lagoons to deserted islands and always return to personalised care and exceptional comfort that is Mirax Resort.

Discover scuba diving

Experience a sensational thrill of diving under the close supervision of our instructor. This course consists of a theory briefing and two 45-minute dives up to 10 meters.

Power snorkeling

Enjoy the beauties of the sea by snorkeling around islands with our undersea scooter that will help you cover greater distances using less time and efforts.

Open Water Certification Course

This course is offered in English, Russian and consists of four days of training in theory and practice. Upon successful completion, the certification is recognized worldwide and will open the door to endless adventures in diving.

Exclusive Diving

Enhance your skills by exploring the tropical undersea world of Siam Bay’s deserted islands with specialty courses like: boat dive, night dive, search dives, underwater photography and hunting.

Other recreation

Complimentary snorkel, masks, fins and non-motorized water sports featuring state-of-the-art equipment are available at Mirax Resort for your enjoyment. Motorized activities are provided on a full-day basis at personally tailored timing. We help you love the water.

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