Travel and adventure

Angkor temples

Angkor... a sacred place where silent stones whisper of an Asia of long ago. Be the one to explore the magnificent remains of the crowning achievement of Khmer civilization – thousand year old complex of Angkor. Staggering in scale, exquisite in sculptural detail and imprisoned by tropical jungles for centuries, the complex unlocks the secrets of the powerful Khmer dynasties that built a series of royal capitals between the 9th and 13th centuries. Unmatched in their fusion of art, architecture and philosophy Angkor temples weave a tapestry of endless fascination…once seen it can never be forgotten.

Deserted isles safari

Marvel over the mind-blowing surroundings hovering 100m above the crystal waters, cleave the aquamarine waves on your ski or just lay back with a chilled glass of champagne when cruising on our fully-equipped 50-feet double-decker during your dazzling wild islands safari. Enjoy the wild white-sand beaches, snorkel the sky-clear waters among brilliantly colored corals and marine animals or simply relax in a hammock watching sunrise, sunshine and sunset paint the endless sky. After we prepare the mouth-watering dinner from freshly-caught fish, experience the wonderful night dive when the myriads of fascinating creatures are drawing a powerful attraction… creating a new essence of life.

Lost French city

Untold legends, crisp mountain air and splendid views are crowning the Casino - a prominent part of French City where less than a century ago the highest stakes were taken, pompous balls were rolled and preeminent audience savored the finest champagnes. Exciting 4 hour jeep ride through the virgin jungles separates you from the legendary city, nestled as high as one thousand meters, overlooking the remote isles ridges and beautiful coastline. Plus, pay a visit to a unique “5 sails” Buddha temple and have a dramatic 1.5 km walk to a waterfall cloaked in a thick tropical forest.

Jungle expedition

Go beyond your limits and test your body reserves in an extreme jungle expedition where unexplored tropical forests full of danger are ready to absorb you.

Immerse yourself in an unusual one week training period in the Resort’s specially built camp preceding the expedition. World’s best jungle explorer would teach you how to survive in jungles without food and water, what to eat & drink instead, how to recognize animals and apply first-aid techniques in extreme situations. Than a two day trial journey is conducted on the nearest deserted island where the fittest are to survive. Only after that the dream team is picked up. Experience your once-in-a-lifetime event helping you see the unparalleled beauty of tropical nature; reevaluating your physical and mental resources leading you to new personal achievements and different life approach...

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